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“Hooked on rugs” by Halina Bienkowski

Variety is the spice of life. Good humor is the salt.” (author unknown)

That’s right, I’m hooked. I’ve been rug-hooking since 2003; all thanks to Deanne Fitzpatrick, who gave me the first sweet taste that, little did I know, would later developed into a full-fledged obsession. She “conveniently” happens to live in the area and continues to supply me with equipment and advice. How lucky!

I am a family physician of a busy practice in Amherst,Nova Scotia and I have found over the years that humor and a good laugh relax me the best. Hence, my rugs are on a light, satiric side. My hooking is purely for personal fun; I enjoy hunting for new ideas, creating images, selecting colors, and, of course, the hooking.

In a way I think, that, if hooking is such a pleasure for me, it must radiate to the viewer.

Therefore, In my rugs, you will not find any extremely important morals I’m trying to convey, for the sole message is to relax while chortling a bit at some of my characters.

I am originally from Poland and a new Canadian citizen since 1984. In the public school system of my home town I received basic art education, reinforced in Canada by art classes. It is very useful now with rug creation.

So, basically, what I’d like to say is, I am a proud hooker and in all honesty, I am “hooked on rugs.”

However, my supportive family has a slightly different opinion…